Birth of Fleagle...ism
I worked as a medical illustrator for the Univ.of Florida, then switched to graphic designer in the electronic field for the next 24 years.
I became enthralled with photojournalism after winning a "Trip to Paris" photo contest. I turned professional and left the 8 to 5 world, to travel and photograph Europe in the RV we took with us on a freighter.

Three yer later, strapped on a stretch, flying back to Houston, I decided to trade in my camera and heavy equipment, for a paintbrush and capture photojournalism a new way. I took all the available workshops, classes, figure labs, private teachers, Glassell School of Art in Houston and The Instituto in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

I have found a new love, drawing from live models, using the blind contour method (drawing without looking at the paper), single line gesture drawing, creating my own "Paintingjouralism" called "Fleagle...ism". Today, I use a combination of blind and sight.

My favorite artists are Salvador Dali, I visited his studio/home in Port Lligat, and Marc Chagall. Egon Schiele, Gustay Klimt and Alice Neel have been suggested by numerous teachers as reference sources for my drawing style.
Klimt and Neel, I like. Schiele, well, what can I say?